MBA News: Could Brexit Benefit B-Schools?:

by on July 15th, 2016

From the rise of the online MBA to a potential boon to post-Brexit business school admissions—catch all the trending stories for future business leaders.

Business schools brace for Brexit

The recent referendum in Great Britain—in which 52% of the population voted to leave the European Union—was a shock to the markets. Forecasters had predicted a narrow win for “Stay” forces, but in the end, voters had other ideas. Among those preparing for a post-Brexit U.K. are MBA admissions officers. While many business schools expressed nervousness before the vote, many are now saying the decision to leave the EU could actually be a boon, since a weakened pound may attract more international applicants. “Most of our students are really global in that they feel the places that really matter are the US and emerging markets. The EU is not as important as some might think it is,” said Simon Collinson, dean of Birmingham Business School. (The Financial Times)

Online MBAs for working professionals

It’s not just the curriculum that’s changing in business education—it’s also the delivery. An increasing number of business schools are offering online MBA programs, thereby giving students who are already working professional or may live in remote places the accessibility they need to earn their degree. “It is designed specifically for working professionals and people who do have lives outside of school,” said one student, a working mom who recently chose MBA@UNC, the online MBA offered through UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. One thing to keep in mind if you are considering the online option: Many online MBAs still include an in-person component. (U.S. News & World Report)

Accenture recruiting

One of the most popular professional destinations for business school graduates is Accenture, the famed consulting company that’s known for its security and system migration management. Under the Accenture umbrella is also Accenture Strategy, which focuses on issues “related to digital disruption, redefining competitiveness, operating and business models as well as the workforce of the future helps our clients find future value and growth in a digital world.” The company employs 8,700 professionals and has nearly 2,000 clients. In terms of what they look for in new hires, Ravi Chanmugam, senior managing director for Accenture Strategy in North America, says, “So we’re looking for some people who are, first and foremost, entrepreneurial. They want to work for someone who is trying to disrupt strategy consulting, do it differently, think about it differently, and approach it from a different mindset.” (Poets&Quants)

Summer at HBS

Tennis great Maria Sharapova is turning lemons into lemonade this summer. Facing a two-year suspension in the sport for doping (which is under appeal), Sharapova will attend a two-week course at Harvard Business School. The 6’2”, Russian-born Sharapova , “Not sure how this happened but Hey Harvard! Can’t wait to start the program!” Sharapova will follow in the footsteps of other high-profile celebrities who have also taken a course at HBS, including LL Cool J and Channing Tatum. (Fortune)

MBAs in the digital age

Maastricht School of Management, located in the Netherlands, is one European business school that has been consistently recognized for its emphasis on technology. It was also nominated for a prestigious award for trying to bring MBA education to those living in developing economies. Now, it’s entering a new phase. Beginning next year, Maastricht will offer specializations in in everything from Big Data to cyber security. The school is also contemplating making these kinds of courses mandatory for all students. (Business Because)

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