Cornell Military Preview Days Nov 13-14, 2014:

by on October 26th, 2014

The veterans at Cornell would like to invite you to their Military Preview Days. It seems that b-schools are leaning more and more into these events, and are competing for your attention.

Veterans make up just under 10% of the student population, but have a disproportionate impact on the community as many Veterans hold leadership positions throughout the student club ecosystem. We represent all four branches of the US military (Coasties too!) as well as a few international veterans from Greece, England, Israel, and Korea. On faculty, Bill Huling (Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development), Jerry Rizzo (Director of Leadership Programs), and, of course, George Casey (Guest Lecturer) represent the Army, Marine Corps, and Army respectively. Cornell as a whole has a long history of military service, and boasts an active Tri service ROTC program. We currently have 4 active service members at Johnson, a platoon sized force of children, and gaggle of Veterans receiving a dual degrees. The Association of Veterans is integrated into the Admissions process at Johnson and are happy to answer any and all questions, edit resumes/essays, talk admissions in general (not just Johnson, but other schools too). Our Guest speaker will be LtCol Chuck “Chim Chim” Dockery.

Below is from the Cornell Association of Veterans. You may register here.

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