Changing My Game Plan:

by on August 14th, 2014

It’s only been almost 1 week since my last post! So sorry, between my insane work schedule, my final GMAT studying, finalizing my Harvard app, and getting my recommendations set, I have been insanely busy. No fear, I am still alive (although barely), and I definitely feel like I am starting to run on empty. I will be immensely happy when my GMAT is over with on August 23, so I can focus 100% on my apps.

Today’s [long] post is about changing my game plan. Before I was planning on applying to 8 schools in EA/R1. However, after much though revolving around the impracticality of devoting QUALITY attention to each application/essay COUPLED with the stress on my recommenders for that many schools, I have decided to split my applications between EA/R1 and R2. Not to mention if I get asked to interview at many schools, that could be tricky.

Previous List of Schools

My list of 8 is Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, MIT, Tuck, Duke, Yale, and Berkeley (for a lowdown of how I came to choosing these schools refer to this post: I am Changing My School Selection). These schools were chosen based on many factors, including location, culture, and recruiting.

Who is R1 and who is R2 and WHY?!?!?

Clearly, I absolutely have to reapply to Tuck in the EA round. Tuck has a special soft spot in my heart based on their amazing culture (shown by their 71% alumni giving rate). Also, it seems Tuck encourages reapplicants to apply again! I got an early start on HBS’s application (due on 9/9), and am excited to apply to such a fantastic program that incorporates the case study (a favorite aspect of mine). I also plan on applying to Wharton, whose vision of “Knowledge for Action” I absolutely love (and how I embody that in my workplace).

Speaking of loving schools, the more I read about Kellogg, the more I am falling for this school. The passion of their students literally jumps out at me (and I’m planning my trip to Evanston right now, where I will also interview) and I love the attitude of their alumni. Finally, I will be applying to Yale, a fantastic program that is growing in big ways and has a fantastic new campus. Yale also shares the same letter of recommendation prompt as Harvard and Wharton, making it a little easier on my recommenders. Three schools will share a letter of recommendation prompt; I will also be able to interview at Tuck and Kellogg based on my schedule (those schools have an open interview policy).

I plan on applying to Duke, Berkeley and MIT in R2. By moving them to R2, it frees up my schedule to visit/interview Duke at the end of the year (Duke also has an open interview policy). Also, it will help my interview scheduling if these schools are in a separate round.

Current Plan

EA/R1: Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Tuck, Yale

R2: MIT, Berkeley, Duke

Here is my updated progress:


I definitely have my work cut out for me … time to get it done!

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