Jefferson Scholars Foundation at Darden Business School:

by on July 2nd, 2014

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation, an independent merit-based scholarship and fellowship program at the University of Virginia invites applications to join a special competition for the Darden School of Business Jefferson Fellowship.

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation is widely recognized to be one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the country. And this year The Economist magazine’s ranking of graduate schools of business placed the Darden School fourth in the country. The Princeton Review ranked Darden fifth in the quality of its professors.

A Darden School of Business MBA coupled with military experience provides a competitive advantage in the business world. Darden is dedicated to the education of the whole person with the goal of enhancing and sharpening the wide range of transferable skills already finely honed in the military: leadership, discipline, teamwork, and principled judgment.

Students with military experience comprise between 7-9% of the incoming Darden class each year. Darden military veterans represent a group that is rich in diversity—both in experiences and backgrounds—and they have made an impact as leaders both inside and outside of the classroom. Their leadership and management skills are highly valued, and the team-oriented, case method style of learning at Darden is a perfect fit for their skills. Dean Robert F. Bruner has said:

”I see among our military veterans a tendency to lend a hand, form a team, find common ground, help a neighbor, and share ideas. They tend to be optimists and at the same time realists. They are people of proportion, willing to listen to all sides of a debate and yet think for themselves … Veterans enrich our leaning community.“

The sole Mission of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation is to bring students to the University of Virginia who possess the highest qualities of scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. I invite you to explore our website and Annual Report.

The Jefferson Graduate Fellowship provides full tuition and fee waivers, a $20,000 annual living stipend, and generous grants for research and equipment.

The competition for candidacy for the Darden School of Business Graduate Fellowship begins 7 July and ends 28 July. Those who are interested in applying should contact Professor William M. Wilson at wmw2v at virginia dot E D U or 434-243-9057. I close by thanking you for the service you have given to our country.

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