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Admission Tips: Admissions Interviews, the Campus Visit and “Fit”

by Simon School of Business on December 31, 2013

When you receive the request to interview with the Simon MBA or MS program, you have a decision to make.  Do you take time off [...]

The Top 10 Classy Career Girl Posts of 2013

by Classy Career Girl on December 31, 2013

Let the countdown to 2014 begin! Here are the most read posts on Classy Career Girl in 2013! 15 Reasons I Am Proud to be an [...]

IT Skills Sorely Lacking in Harvard MBAs

by Stacy Blackman on December 31, 2013

Are business schools adequately preparing MBA students with the IT skills that tomorrow’s companies will demand? Not according to a recent article in The Harbus, [...]

Advancing Research Through Wharton WRDS

by Dr. Shelly Watts on December 31, 2013

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) was first launched in 1998 through the Computing and Information Technology department to give students, researchers and businesses a comprehensive [...]

Chicago Booth Expands Entrepreneurship Offerings

by John Byrne on December 31, 2013

Silos are out and multidisciplinary offerings are in. Top business schools nationwide are expanding their entrepreneurship programs to ensure MBAs are exposed to students and [...]

The 5 Best GMAT Stories of 2013: Number 1

by Sorin Istrate on December 31, 2013

Don’t miss this amazing GMAT journey from 490 to 770. Congrats joshcollins!

The 4 Math Strategies Everyone Must Master – Part 2

by Manhattan Prep on December 31, 2013

Make these techniques a part of your practice. Master them, and you will be mastering the Quant portion of the GMAT!

2013~The best year of my life… so far.

by INSEAD on December 30, 2013

“The best year of your life”, has long been associated with INSEAD’s one year MBA program. Having experienced the year myself, calling it “the best [...]

Harvard Business School Dean Nohria at IESE Barcelona on January 13, 2014

by IESE Business School on December 30, 2013

As I mentioned here before (in a post this past June), some 50 years ago, in October of 1963, the IESE – HBS Committee met [...]

Tepper School to Expand FlexMBA Program

by Stacy Blackman on December 30, 2013

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business has been on quite a roll lately. In early November, the school took Bloomberg Businessweek‘s top spot for [...]

The Best Business Schools for Entrepreneurship

by Dr. Shelly Watts on December 30, 2013

Entrepreneurship has been a growing focus for many top business schools. Historically, business schools were founded to create managers—not entrepreneurs. But the evolving world of [...]

Wharton or Booth: Where Would You Go?

by John Byrne on December 30, 2013

Find out how leading MBA admissions consultants would pick between Wharton and Booth.

The 5 Best GMAT Stories of 2013: Number 2

by Sorin Istrate on December 30, 2013

Hard work pays off! Read jainpiyushjain's insightful debrief and discover how to get that 700+ score.