Roasted at Wharton’s R2 Welcome Weekend:

by on April 16th, 2013

[Editor's Warning: Explicit language used.]

So…I’m sitting at the computer while taking a break from some freelance writing work. I’m watching this clip on YouTube that always makes me laugh so hard that I fart when my my phone starts beeping and my email notices from Facebook start blowing up.

Apparently, just as I was laughing and in tears to a the 3rd replay of Sweet Brown’s infamous “Aint Nobody Got Time Fo Dat” speech in a row, my R2 classmates at Wharton were getting a good laugh at my expense during R2 Welcome Weekend; and the kinder of them were notifying a brother via text and Facebook message that he was on blast.

The reason they got jokes? About two months ago, I posted this follow up post to my own admit weekend experience just prior to announcing my final decision to attend Wharton over MIT and Chicago Booth.

In it, I talked at great length about being impressed by Wharton, Center City (the neighborhood just east off UPenn across the river where everyone lives), its staff, its students, and of course, my class mates.

I also mentioned that I had a great time at the follies show, though I maintained that CBS had the best follies program in MBA land.

The comedian–a fellow Wharonite–didn’t agree so much, and I ended up being the butt of a few follies jokes and jabs. Eh, all in good fun, I say. And in case it wasn’t in “all in good fun” (which I’m certain it was), there would be no need to be sore about it; I mean, I wasn’t even interested in going to CBS (great school, BTW, just not my brand of whiskey).

When it comes to follies, however, they just kill the game.  I have no clue what their formula is, but they’ve got it down. And its not that I haven’t seen enough follies from other schools. Watching these silly things was a past time of mine between writing those tortuous MBA application essays last fall (15-18 total).

Oh, and speaking of MBA admissions essays...


…but I digress. Back to these follies. If you wonder what makes me such an evangelist about these,  just look at a few of my favs and you be the judge:

MBAOver30′s List of Funniest CBS Follies (minus a few I didn’t feel like posting):


Really though, I bust out laughing just thinking about some of those skits.

For the record, I enjoy Wharton’s follies too, especially the Miss MBA pageant (that I wish they’d put online), the one where Joseph Wharton (the founder) joins Facebook and the IKEA skit (though I disagree with the Booth bit. I don’t see anyone living in downtown Chicago committing suicide–its God’s Country).

So if anyone from Wharton is miffed about my fanship of CBS’ follies–chill. I still think that Wharton is better at everything else :p I’m just saying, Columbia has this follies thing down to science.  I mean, its all in good fun…right? I’m sayin tho’…

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