Ask Jeremy: Does My Undergraduate School Choice Matter?

by on January 3rd, 2013

In a recent question, a reader asked me about choosing colleges. Specifically, he wanted to know how his choice between two schools would impact his ability to go to grad school.

See below for the question and below that for my video response.


When applying for grad schools/companies after undergrad, are there any differences between being a graduate from Berkeley or LA? How do grad schools weigh a GPA from schools with slightly different prestige/reputation. Specific to Berkeley and LA, how would careers/grad schools weigh a student with the same major and a similar transcript accordingly? Any advice you have would be helpful. Thank you.


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Structure of my response

  1. Education Matters today more than ever in today’s global, information-based economy.
  2. Schools: People choose schools for various reasons.
  3. Departments: Different departments will give you different experiences.
  4. Grades: Grad schools will put grades in context

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