RallyPoint – Professional Networking for Military Members:

by on November 24th, 2012

One of the first things I learned at Harvard Business School was the power of networking, and how building networks and relationships can make all the difference both in one’s personal life, and especially in one’s professional life.

This is why for the past year I have been working on building a professional network exclusively for military personnel –  and hoping to address the issue that military members are far behind their civilian counterparts when it comes to understanding what networking is and what it can do for them. This is one of the reasons, I believe, so many military members have a more difficult time finding fulfilling civilian employment when they transition to civilian life.

When I was on active duty, “networking” was a dirty word… like you were trying to be sneaky about something. When I joined the private sector though, I realized that when done tastefully and professionally, networking is what makes the world work, and the earlier people in the military begin to build their professional network, the more fulfilled they will be. Remember… building a network is not just about helping yourself, it’s about helping the people in your network.

While I will continue consulting through MtB, I’m also very proud to announce that after about a year of work, RallyPoint launched on Nov 12th, 2012:

Visit RallyPoint.com to learn more

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