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News from INSEAD Admissions

by INSEAD on October 31, 2012

Having lunch today at the restaurant on the Fontainebleau campus, I got caught up in a really interesting chat with a couple of MBA students. [...]

36 Hours in New Haven (and for some this week, a few hours more)

by Yale School of Management on October 31, 2012

Each Sunday the New York Times Travel section profiles “36 Hours” in a different city.  This past Sunday, that city was New Haven.  The Times’ [...]

Venture Atlanta Conference

by Goizueta Business School on October 31, 2012

The below post is by Rob Kissling, an MBA13 and President of the Goizueta Finance Club. Venture Atlanta One of the amazing aspects of living in a [...]

Tech-free zone offers quiet space for mid-term cramming Commerce students

by Queen's School of Business on October 31, 2012

Oct. 24 – Kingston. For students cramming for mid-terms, a quiet place to study can be hard to find. While break out rooms and common [...]

Exploring Nashville: Haunted Halloween

by Owen Graduate School of Management on October 31, 2012

There are a number of fun activities to take part in in Nashville, and Halloween is always a great time to get out and enjoy [...]

Just Revealed: How To Not Freak Out At Case Study Interviews

by Classy Career Girl on October 31, 2012

Recently I attended a seminar at my business school given by Marc Cosentino, Author of Case in Point: Complete Interview Case Study Preparation. When I [...]

Student Club Empowers Future Energy Leaders

by McCombs School of Business on October 31, 2012

Originally posted on McCombs Today. Sam Maslin, MBA ’14, discusses student energy clubs at SXSW Eco In the face of economic and environmental challenges, McCombs students are poised [...]

Celebrating 50 Years of Women in the HBS MBA Program

by MBAdventure on October 31, 2012

Hello, friends! Apologies for being so MIA. Things have been crazy yet glorious in my world, per usual. I thought I’d check back in with [...]

Happy Halloween!

by Owen Graduate School of Management on October 31, 2012

All Hallow’s Eve is a spirited event around Owen, with activities ranging from a scary movie showing in Averbuch Auditorium, to an all-school Halloween party [...]

Experts to attend healthcare summit

by London Business School on October 31, 2012

The event will be held on 12 November at the Royal College of Physicians in Regent’s Park. It features speakers and panellists from different areas [...]

Do Veterans Really Make Good Entrepreneurs?

by Military to Business on October 31, 2012

Life has a cyclic rhythm to it. Privates in basic training go through the same set of personal challenges every new class, officers go through similar [...]

LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Researching for Your Interview

by Owen Graduate School of Management on October 31, 2012

We all know that it is very important to show up to your interview prepared with knowledge of the company, their business and their competition. [...]

Is Carlson As Good As Ross or Haas? Sri Zaheer Thinks So

by John Byrne on October 31, 2012

If Dean Sri Zaheer could wave a magic wand to improve the standing of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, what [...]

Campus Visits: Discover Your Answer to “Why this School?”

by Forté MBA Blog on October 31, 2012

Discover 7 key steps for planning your school visit.