Beat The GMAT Rockstar: neelgandham

by on September 2nd, 2012

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Each week in the Beat The GMAT Rockstar series, we highlight one exceptional forum member for his or her outstanding contributions.  This week, we’re excited to feature neelgandham as our Beat The GMAT Rockstar!

Neel has been a very active contributor to the Beat The GMAT forums for over a year.  He has close to 1,000 posts and his name is listed in several member leaderboards.  But what I think makes Neel so exceptionally great is the fact that he has been proactive in reaching out/working with the BTG staff to suggest and implement new features for our community.  It’s really amazing to meet a community member like Neel (who is also a moderator now), who cares so much about making the experience on Beat The GMAT better for everyone.

neelgandham, it’s a privilege having you in our community; you are truly a rockstar!  Be sure to follow neelgandham on Beat The GMAT.

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