Three Things That Make NYU Stern Unique

by on January 23rd, 2012

When we ask our admissions consulting clients which MBA programs they are applying to, NYU’s Stern School of Business is often on the list. Given the school’s New York location, impressive faculty, and strong ties to the finance sector, it’s no wonder that so many people apply to Stern each year.

If NYU Stern is not on your list, then perhaps you should take a step back and research the school more closely. It’s a personal favorite of many of us here at Veritas Prep headquarters, and it’s one that we frequently recommend that our clients research in more depth. Today we dig into three things that make NYU Stern stand out among top business schools:

An agile and responsive faculty, with a focus on research

Stern was quick to move during the global financial crisis. Not only were its professors speaking to the media on a daily basis as the events unfolded, but by the first quarter of 2009, a major collaborative effort by 33 faculty members resulted in 18 policy white papers and a book on the financial crisis, Restoring Financial Stability, as well as a course offered by the white paper authors. In late 2010, Stern published the next book in this series, Regulating Wall Street, which discusses the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act and identifies flaws in this sweeping regulation on the financial industry. Most recently, Guaranteed to Fail came out, blasting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as the underlying culprits of the mortgage crisis and our economic woes. Stern’s faculty are heavily engaged in research of critical issues of the day, and few schools have been so quick to publicize analysis of and policy recommendations for these very significant events.

An oasis for career changers

Stern is considered one of the best possible destinations for those looking to move from one field to another by way of their MBA education. The Industry Mentoring Initiative allows Stern students to apply for a very unique mentoring program that puts career changers into actual companies to learn about a new industry or function and to make strong inroads into that world through networking. It is a competitive application process and one that that requires a clear move from one career to another, but for those students who participate, it can be a lifesaver. The IMI program features tracks in six different industries: consulting, luxury and retail, marketing, media and entertainment, investment banking, and sales and trading. While any business school can serve as the launching pad into a new career, the significant resources available for students at Stern makes this a natural choice for many.

The only top-ranked part-time MBA available in the Northeast

Stern was one of the first graduate business schools to offer a part-time program and they remain the only top program in the region to have one. The next closest part-time option is at Duke, down in North Carolina.

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