Bored on Winter Break:

by on December 31st, 2011

Yes, it’s 5:19am the day AFTER Christmas and I’m awake just sitting on my moms couch watching Home Alone!  My biorhythms are jacked up and I sleep at the oddest times – which if you ask my GMAT tutor isn’t that far off from my normal life anyway.  In any event, I was just going through my blog and looking at where I was at this time last year in the application process and I was just about to embark on another day of massive essay writing.  You can read about that blog post here:  Last Years Essay Writing.

So that’s that! I had an incredibly busy weekend – starting on Thursday.  First, I signed up for Tuck’s Winter Retreat hosted by what I assume is TAABA – Tuck African Ancestry Business Association, but I could be mistaken.  In any event, one of my friends up at Tuck sent out an invitation to many of our peer schools for this 3rd Annual Retreat up in Vermont.  Of course then we all texted and emailed our friends from other schools to see if they’d be going.  The turnout from what I hear thus far should be great!  It’s going to be a blast and I need to brush up on my skiing skills.  Thankfully, one of my classmates has offered to teach my how to snowboard at the ski resort not too far from Cornell, so I definitely need to take him up on his offer.

After signing up for the retreat, I trekked my butt into the city to hang out with my friend who goes to Stern.  When I got to his apartment I had to take a nap because like I said, my body is all out of whack.  But then after I napped (he was at the gym) we went to grab a bite to eat.  That was actually the first time in over a year that he and I had a chance to just sit and chat about business school.  I first met him last year at NYU Stern’s Discover Stern weekend and then his brother is the one who stayed at my house in Ithaca a couple weeks ago the night before his interview.

After he and I had dinner, we headed up to Harlem to go to a bunch of our mutual friends who go to school with him at Stern.  I know many of them from Consortium and from MLT.  House parties are always fun and a conversation that I had that night is what is going to spark my “What I’ve Learned in Business School” post after I finish writing this one.  I have nothing else going on anyway – well at least not until January 2nd when I fly to San Francisco for our Silicon Valley Trek but I digress.  While at the party, one of my classmates from Johnson showed up too which was a lot of fun.

The following day I went to my other friend’s Holiday Party down in Central Jersey.  It was very nice seeing everyone again and being able to have discussions with other people now that I know what they do.  What I mean by that is, now that I know what someone does when he says that he trades derivatives or that he’s in retail banking.  Yeah, it’s a great feeling and a whole new world has opened up to me!  But with that said, I’m going to close out this post and make another one right now about what I’ve learned in business school.

Sidenote – how come in Home Alone this 7yr old boy doesn’t just think to go to a neighbors house and tell them what happened to him?  Why is he running around town setting up traps?  SMH

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