The 10 Best GMAT Stories of 2011 – Number 3:

by on December 29th, 2011

This article is part of a 10-part series where we will be highlighting the most popular GMAT stories of 2011 from the Beat The GMAT community, in countdown fashion.

maroli admits he’s an underwhelming student, but that won’t keep him from getting the score he needs to offset a poor GPA. Through sheer determination, he improved 200 points, from 540 to 740, in just 4 months, as he explains in his debrief My 4 month journey from 540 to 740…grit over ability!

maroli also included a handy list of his favorite do’s and don’ts at the end of his post, plus an awesome inspirational video which illustrates why failure is critical to success, from His Royal Airness! Here’s one excerpt:


  • Drill your mistakes over and over until you are comfortable applying the knowledge needed for other similar problems
  • Find advanced problems to do. This will help you in solving easier problems faster and you learn ‘fallback formulas’ that are slightly more complicated but can help you if you need an alternate solution.
  • Lots of practice tests, but don’t put your faith in the scoring of random ones. I’d say use GmatPrep at the end to gauge where you are.
  • Relax and realise it’s just a test! Get lots of sleep

Check out the full debrief here: My 4 month journey from 540 to 740…grit over ability! Congrats, maroli!

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  • Similar thinking but have to see the similar determination. 
    Thanks a lot.

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