Columbia Business School Through the Eyes of Four Current Students:

by on November 28th, 2011

New York! Columbia Business School’s major selling point – and for a good reason, too! The city has so much to offer to anyone and everyone who comes there. But that’s not all: CBS is also a top business education institution, with lots of things going on in and outside the classroom. Career switchers, international students and social entrepreneurs are all attracted to CBS and four first years joined us a few days ago to confirm this. Michael Melmed, Eric Pofsky, Jon Taylor and Anjelica Kelly answered questions about the New York powerhouse and shared with us their career aspirations. To read the full chat, check out the Columbia Business School Comment Wall or our Archived Chats. Need even more convincing? Then take a look at the awesome video Michael and his classmates put together for their Social Media class!

Studying at CBS – not what you’d expect!

Columbia Business School students have a reputation for being extremely competitive, but that’s not how our hosts feel. Angelica disagreed with the common view on CBS: “I had heard about that CBS was really competitive before attending as well, but I have honestly not felt that since I’ve actually been a student here. We help each other. This may seem like a bunch of BS, but it’s what I’ve found to be true.” Eric also mentioned that the collaborative environment was what surprised him most at CBS. “What surprised me the most about Columbia was how supportive and enthusiastic people at here are. Everybody always wants to try new things and learn from other students at the school. It is a very tight knit community especially in your cluster,” he said.

Jon revealed that what surprised him most about the experience so far is the city itself: “I have lived in NYC for four years now but I am constantly surprised by how great the city is. Fantastic restaurants, great museums, fun nightlife – the city offers you everything. NYC is an amazing place to live. From a career perspective, you will have access to many top firms as they are just a train ride away from CBS.” To read more about what makes CBS awesome, go to the Columbia Business School Comment Wall or our Archived Chats.

A little bit of everything at Columbia

Want to make a career switch into banking? Then CBS has all the resources you need (including the right city!). Angelica mentioned that recruiting for banking starts early, so you’d better be prepared for it. “I read as much as I could get my hands on WSJ, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. A great intro book is The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing. It breaks things down on a very basic level, and brings you up to practical speed. Because banking recruiting starts so early, I would use the summer as a time to do your research, so by the time that you get to campus, you know exactly what you want to do,” she said.

But banking isn’t the only hot field at Columbia. Social entrepreneurship has also drawn quite a few of the soon-to-be MBAs: “The Social Enterprise Program (SEP) at CBS is very strong. There are are few clubs that focus on social enterprise – Social Enterprise Club, Green Business Club, International Development Club, Microlumbia, Pangea Advisors. At the beginning of the year, there is a social enterprise retreat which is a great opportunity to network with second years and faculty in the program,” said Jon. There are also plenty of other interesting tidbits the four students shared with us, so check out the Columbia Business School Comment Wall or our Archived Chats to read more!

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