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by on November 18th, 2011

Special Announcement: Do you have questions about the Indian School of Business? We’re hosting another chat with Mr. Kannan, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, on Saturday, November 19, at 10:30 am PST. Don’t miss this chat – RSVP here!

India is one of the world’s most populous countries and a member of the oh-so-hip BRICS club, making it a rising economic power. However, India is still a developing nation, whose people sometimes suffer because of poverty and corruption. This is why India needs true leaders – and what better institution to shape them than the Indian School of Business? This relatively new business school has established itself as one of Asia’s top schools, but getting in is not easy! To help you out, we’ve asked Mr. Kannan, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at ISB, to answer your questions about admissions and life at ISB. Read the full transcript of the event on the ISB Comment Wall or our Archived Chats.

Admissions at ISB – the GMAT is only a part of the picture

We know some of our community members are stressed out about getting good GMAT scores (we are, after all, Beat The GMAT :) ), but at ISB, the score is just one of the many set pieces that make up a candidate. ” Just a GMAT score alone does not lead to an admission. We do look at academic scores and the work experience in therms of achievements and progression as well in assessing an application,” revealed Mr. Kannan.

What about international applicants? ISB attracts quite a few non-Indian nationals interested in business in Asia and Mr. Kannan provided some very useful tips for these ISB aspirants. “No need to know either Hindi or work in India. Foreign students do bring in the unique experience of their own country that actually enriches the class. We have had Spanish, French, Malaysian, Australian and even a Japanese Monk in our class,” he said. Check out the entire conversation by going to the ISB Comment Wall or our Archived Chats.

Life after ISB – oh, the possibilities!

Many of ISB’s applicants come to get an MBA hoping to change careers. Career switchers are welcome, says Mr. Kannan, as long as there’s a good story behind your goals: “About 70% of all students at ISB do make a career shift so we do understand that people do come to isb with a shift in mind. The adcom is certainly not averse to a person wanting a shift.”

If you’re considering starting your own business, then all the better! ISB has plenty of resources to support you. Mr. Kannan mentioned that the school’s Wadhwani Centre is meant for helping people with entrepreneurial aspirations, even later in your career. To see the full chat, go to the ISB Comment Wall or our Archived Chats.


  • If I apply in the month of Mar 12 -when can i expect an admit from ISB. I have 6 years of non IT non engineering work ex

  • Hey Surya, by March 2012 the deadline for the 2012 intake will have passed, so you'd be applying to be admitted for the 2013 intake. Not sure if they open up the application that early though (it usually goes live in the summer for most schools).

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