MBA Admissions: Post GMAT To-Do’s:

by on June 24th, 2011

Congratulations! You’ve taken the GMAT and earned a score that you’re proud of. What now?

Here are a few suggestions on steps you should take now that you’ve checked the GMAT off your list:

  • Narrow down your school choices. With a solid GMAT score, you’ll have an easier time drafting a realistic list of school choices. You may be tempted to choose only the top schools given your exceptional score, but keep in mind that top b-schools won’t look just at your GMAT score, but at your entire application. A high score does not guarantee admission to even the best of the best of business schools.
  • Get to work on your resume. There’s a good chance that your qualifications will remain unchanged between now and when you apply to business school, especially if you’re planning on applying Round 1.
  • Start approaching potential recommenders. The earlier you approach your recommenders, the better chance you have that they’ll draft a thoughtful, complete, and positive letter of recommendation. Be sure to provide them with the appropriate material that will help them get better acquainted with your qualifications and accomplishments. Remember: B-schools prefer professional recommendations over academic ones.
  • Begin brainstorming for your MBA application essays. Many schools have already released their 2012 essay questions. Plus, we have begun posting our tip posts (2012 MBA Application Advice page/RSS feed). Review the questions and then explore our tips to get an early start on your essays. Do you want to jot down a few notes before you actually start writing the essays? Click on this link for a Google doc will help you focus and organize your thoughts.

Looking for more tips on how to move forward in the MBA application process? Check out’s following resource pages for more information:

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