Grockit GMAT and MBA Admissions Course: Lesson 5, Part 1 – Verbal Sentence Correction

by , Jan 11, 2011

Were making sections ofGrockits GMAT Course available to stream online for free! The course is taught by Grockit Founder Farb Nivi and covers the entire GMAT curriculum in 16 hours of instruction.

Lesson 5, Part 1: Verbal Sentence Correction: Farb reviews a few Quantitative questions, explains why "GHOTI" can be pronounced like "fish", and why this matters on the GMAT.


Lesson 5 begins with a short review of the Quantitative questions from Lesson 4 before introducing Sentence Corrections in the Verbal section. Along with an overview of English grammar and common verb tense confusion, Lesson 5 covers different types of Agreements that are tested on the GMAT.

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