We Want to Give You $100,000, But We Need Your Help!:

by on September 10th, 2010

The Beat The GMAT $100K ChallengeTimes are tough.  And Beat The GMAT really wants to help you.  In the last few weeks, our team has been working very hard to line up 500+ test prep courses and admissions packages worth $100,000 to distribute to our community.

The Grand Prize is a 1 week, all expense-paid tour of 5 elite business schools – Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, Stanford GSB, Haas and one US school of your choice.  Beat The GMAT will pay for everything, including flights from anywhere in the world.

But we need your help badly! Before we can give away these amazing packages, we need to secure at least 1,000 pre-registrations for this campaign in order to proceed.

I really do hope we can launch the Beat The GMAT $100K Challenge—we have a very fun and interactive campaign planned to distribute these packages to you.  But again, we need your help to make this happen.

Please go to the $100K page and pre-register.  Tell your friends and family to pre-register.  The sooner we can hit 1,000 pre-registrations, the sooner we’ll know that we can move forward with this amazing giveaway!

A special thanks to Veritas Prep, Knewton, Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT, and Grockit for committing so many GMAT prep/admissions offerings to this campaign.  And a big thanks to the Beat The GMAT Practice Questions staff for donating so many premium accounts!

Let’s get this Beat The GMAT $100K Challenge off the ground!  Pre-register here.


  • Holy shit! This is amazing. Love you Beat The GMAT! I'm not abble to login via facebook. What to do? Is anyone also facing same problem?

  • Seems like great plan and job as usual
    i think there should be some benefits to people who registers now and push things to make things started

  • @Kate, thanks for the nice comment. I'm sorry about the issues that you've been experiencing with login. Can you please let me know what specific problem you've encountered?

    @frank1, great suggestion. We'll think about what we can do to reward the pre-registered users.

  • @Gurpreet, thanks for pre-registering and for finding a bug in our pre-reg system. :) There's no need for you to worry. Your pre-registration hasn't been overwritten. I'll change the system so that it gives users a message that they're already pre-registered if they try to do it twice.

  • @Pankaj, sorry about the problems that you're experiencing. I just did some research on the problem that you experienced. There seems to be a problem with Facebook's API that affects some people. One post from the official Facebook forums contains a potential solution.

    Please delete all the cookies from your browser and try to login again. Please let me know whether that solution works or not.

  • @DC, thanks for the support! The entire team is totally stoked about the Facebook competition too.

    When the team first started talking about the contest, we decided to go totally over the top with the Grand Prize because that's we we roll at BTG HQ! We're also super grateful to our other sponsors because they threw in such awesome prizes.

  • David,

    I had registered even before this article was published, now when I tried to register again it allowed me. Instead it should let me know that you are already registered.

    Have I overwrite my registration? The count seems to be unchanged as well. If it is possible for you then please check my status when It was registered.

  • @Pankaj, thanks for logging into BTG via Facebook. We do have an eligibility requirement for participating in the competition. So it's possible to be logged into BTG via Facebook but not to be eligible for the competition.

    The team instituted this requirement in order to mitigate gaming. The last time that we ran a competition, many people created multiple fake accounts to try to unfairly increase their chances of winning.

    I realize that there are some real people like you who may not be able to compete because of these requirements and am really sorry about that. But we need to maintain the eligibility rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible for everyone.

    Again, I'm sorry about that. And I hope you understand.

  • @Saurav, you need to go to the $100K Challenge Pre-Registration page. There is a form on the right side that contains the Pre-Register button.

  • @David,

    I'm also unable to pre-register myself. When I tried using beat the gmat it asked me to login through facebook and when I tried login through facebook it showed me the following error:

    Logging in must go through the Facebook flow.
    Please try again.

    Just to let you know that I've different accounts for facebook and BTG, not sure whether that might be an issue.

  • This is just off the hook !!
    Nobody other than the BTG Team could have imagined such a phenomenal idea !!

    Good Luck to the BTG Team on organizing this event.

  • @David

    Thanks, that worked but I've more for you not that I would like to but this is what it came back with when I tried to pre-register with my facebook account:

    Your Facebook account is not eligible because it was created after Sep 1, 2010, or has less than 25 friends

    Didn't know that there is some eligibility criteria. Another observation is that it is showing me as a registered user even though facebook pre-registeration is showing that my account is ineligible.

  • Hi,

    I tried to login via my facebook account, but then I don't see any 'Pre-register' button. Am I missing something?


  • I hope u guys are not posting any messages to all my friends on facebook???

    • hi @zin and @gurpeet, you can always choose whether you want to share anything or not from BTG with your friends on Facebook. We will never publish anything on your Facebook Wall without your permission. Additionally, simply logging into BTG via Facebook won't require you to share anything with your friends on Facebook.

      All of that being said, you will need to publish a story on your Wall in order to pre-register for the competition. And when you publish a story on your Wall, at least some of your Facebook friends will see it when they login to Facebook.

      Of course, you don't need to participate in the competition - we totally understand that some people are selective about what they publish on their Facebook Walls.

    • Gurpeet, I'm glad that I was able to address your concerns!

    • Yes this should not happen.

    • @gurpreet.. i tried to preregister this.. the application asks my permission to publish this info about the 100k challenge to all my 300 odd friends on facebook.. in a way this is wrong.. i dont wnt to disclose about my intentions of planing for gmat as few of my employers would alos be there.. i hope btg ppl are looking into this matter & it shouldnt be compulsory to publish this data to all my friends. i should be given an option of selecting a few .. This msg might not be of use to all other friends on facebook too.. @david , @ erin.. correct me if i am wrong!

    • I agree with you !! But if we do not promote, then the purpose is not solved.

    • David,

      I can understand that this must be done else the purpose of promotion is not solved. The only concern was if there is something more than sharing the link on the wall. Thanks for clarifying that.

      I hope we get this big very soon.

  • @David,

    Thanks again!

    That's ok and I understand this face of business. I liked your honesty and transparency.

    Let me ask you this: If someone like me who has been on facebook since some time but is not that active and hence doesn't have 25 friends is able to get 25 friends between now and september 30th would become eligible?

    I'm asking this not to find a hole in the process but want to give a way out to people who are conservative about the network of people they want to maintain.

    • @Pankaj, thanks for your question and for your understanding. You should be able to pre-register if you get at least 25 friends on Facebook for your account before you click the button.

      We don't care when you got your friends as long as you have enough of them. We care a lot about whether you created your account before knowing about this competition.

      Please let me know if this helps you.

    • @David,

      Thanks again, for your clarification. Must say, smart planning and wish BTG and all the participants good luck with the campaign.

  • @david.. thanks for addressing the concern,, i sincerely wish this campaign is a big hit.. & i am also a part of this now :)

    • @zin, great to have you on board!

  • David,

    I registered for the Beat the GMAT $100K Challenge on Sept-13th and had published the items to a selected list of my friends. I have so far not received any confirmation that my registration is successful.

    How do I know that my registration was successful?

    Thanks in advance.

    • @Kumaran, thanks for pre-registering. If you saw the green box that said that your pre-registration was successful, then you should be OK. I'm going to send an email update tomorrow morning to everyone who pre-registered. Please keep an eye out for that email!

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