Kaplan GMAT Premium Online Course Debrief 5 – Komal:

by on August 27th, 2010

Giant GMAT Giveaway ExcerptThe following is a guest post by Komal, one of the five Giant GMAT Giveaway winners for Beat The GMAT.  For her prize, Komal chose the Kaplan GMAT Premium Online Course and she has written a candid debrief of her experience.  This is the last installment Komal will write for the Beat The GMAT community about her course.

Hey everyone,

Below is the fifth and final installment of my Kaplan GMAT Premium Online Course debriefs.  Today I will be reviewing sessions 8 and 9, including an update on how I’ve done so far in my GMAT journey!

Session 8: Proportions and Statistics

Session 8 begins with an introduction to various proportions such as ratios, fractions and percents.  Basic statistics is also covered (topics such as Median, Mode and Standard Deviation) in the following lessons.  Other topics included are Combinations, Permutations, and Probability.  In general, I felt these lessons were very basic and didn’t go as deep as I would have wanted, much like the other Quantitative sessions in this GMAT course.  I probably feel this way because Quants has always been my weak point.  However, I must say that the Kaplan GMAT course has definitely helped me in understanding the fundamentals of the math tested on the GMAT.  Beyond that, I will need to practice, practice, and practice some more in order to achieve better results.

Session 9: Advanced Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction

Session 9 begins by revisiting the Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension as taught in Session 5.  In Session 5 we learned the first step of the Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension. Session 9 takes the Kaplan Method to the next level by demonstrating how to answer Reading Comprehension questions according to the Question Type.  There are four lessons each dedicated to one of the four most common Reading Comprehension Question Types: Global, Detail, Inference, and Logic questions.

This session provides a wealth of information to make sure that the student is able to strategically attack Reading Comprehension questions.  Details of how each of the question types work and tips on what the test taker should do to answer these questions quickly and correctly are presented in a very easy-to-understand manner.  The best part of these lessons is that they don’t assume that some Reading Comprehension question types are easier to understand than others. Each video lesson gives equal footage to the various questions types and how to tackle them.

The last half of the session deals with advanced Sentence Correction (SC), with 9 lessons dedicated to giving in-depth analyses and explanations of the SC concepts most commonly tested on the GMAT: verbs, pronouns, modifiers, parallel structure, comparisons, usage & style, subjunctives, clauses, and more.  This structured and logical approach for dealing with SC questions made it easy and enjoyable to understand the concepts.  The most striking feature of these SC lessons is that it offers an extremely targeted review of the most common grammatical errors and how to deal with them.  Overall, it was a very powerful and effective session on SC.

Over 200 points score improvement!

After Sessions 8 and 9 I took GMATPREP1 and scored a 640!   This in itself is an achievement because I started in the 400s-range to reach this score.  The entire credit of this score improvement has to go to my Kaplan GMAT Course.  I personally feel this is more than any prep company could do.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see an improvement in his/her GMAT score.  It doesn’t matter what level you are on when you start the GMAT course – anyone at any skill level will be able to improve his/her GMAT score with this course!

Time for me to sign off, thanks everyone and good luck!

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