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The Top 10 Business Movies

by Jonathan Bethune on August 31, 2010

So you’ve perfected your application, done 50+ internships, put together a dazzling essay, and scored a perfect 800 on the GMAT. Fantastic. But what awaits [...]

Beat The GMAT Challenge Question – August 30, 2010

by Beat The GMAT on August 30, 2010

Congrats to Gurpreet Singh for being selected as this week’s winner of the Beat The GMAT Challenge Question.  Gurpreet will receive Premium Access to Beat [...]

How to Overcome the Three Obstacles Faced by Older Applicants

by Linda Abraham on August 30, 2010

Last week we discussed who falls into the “older applicant” category and mentioned the three common concerns adcoms have when considering a more experienced applicant’s [...]

MBA Admissions Myths Destroyed: I Have To Write the Optional Essay

by Jeremy Shinewald on August 29, 2010

These past two weeks, we have started our “myth destroyed” by mentioning how challenging it can be to compete against a faceless mass and how [...]

Reading Strategically on the GMAT

by Kaplan GMAT on August 29, 2010

When preparing for the GMAT, students are often concerned about the amount of time it will take to go through the Reading Comprehension passages on [...]

Admissions Tip: Planning for the Round 1 MBA Deadlines

by Clear Admit on August 28, 2010

Anyone who’s familiar with the MBA application process knows that August moves forward at an accelerated pace, and come September, entire weeks seem [...]

Know the Game

by Jake Becker on August 28, 2010

Back in February, I wrote an overview on how to maximize your study efficiency.  Today, I’d like to discuss the five general tasks that every [...]

Manhattan GMAT Challenge Problem of the Week – 27 Aug 2010

by Caitlin Clay on August 27, 2010

Here is a new Challenge Problem! If you want to win prizes, try entering our Challenge Problem Showdown. The more people enter our [...]

Kaplan GMAT Premium Online Course Debrief 5 – Komal

by Guest Author on August 27, 2010

The following is a guest post by Komal, one of the five Giant GMAT Giveaway winners for Beat The GMAT.  For her prize, Komal chose [...]

Algebra the Vince Vaughn Way

by Brian Galvin on August 27, 2010

Admit it.  In one way or another your goal of going to back to business school is related to your desire to be more like [...]

Fragments and Run-On Sentences

by Crystal Morgan on August 26, 2010

By Guest Author, Jordan Schonig. Jordan is a GMAT expert for Grockit. The Sentence Correction portion of the GMAT includes two closely-related but rather opposite [...]

Thursdays With Ron: Reading Comprehension – Finding the Point of the Passage

by Caitlin Clay on August 26, 2010

Every other Thursday, our instructor Ron Purewal (known on the Beat the GMAT forums as lunarpower) hosts a free study hall session, called Thursdays [...]

Of Apps and Avarice

by The MBA Show on August 26, 2010

The MBA Tour: Before, During, & After (Part 3)

by Anthony Russomanno on August 26, 2010

By now, everyone should have registered or attended the MBA Tour.  If you have yet to attend, reference back to our articles The MBA Tour: [...]