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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: Healthcare Management Studies

by Clear Admit on May 30, 2010

Today we turn our attention to options for studying healthcare in business school, with a particular emphasis on Wharton’s Health Care Management Major and Duke’s [...]

Breaking Through the Plateau: Reach the Next Level in Your GMAT Prep

by Andrea Alexander on May 30, 2010

Many people are familiar with the idea of dieting for weight loss.  It’s a slow process, requiring discipline, mindfulness, and hard work… a lot like [...]

Nature of Markets – Introduction to Marketing

by beatvit on May 29, 2010

Tonight I had my second class that I am taking in this Summer Term at part-time MBA program at GWSB. I have been looking forward to this course and it seems that my high expectations will be met in this class. I have long been interested in marketing and I really expect to learn a lot from the course. Professor is very knowledgeable and explains concepts very clearly. That's a big plus.

GMAT Insider: GMAT Pacing The Jeff Bezos Way

by Brian Galvin on May 29, 2010

What would possess someone to leave a sought-after hedge fund job at D.E. Shaw, nearly on a whim, to take a flier on e-commerce in [...]

No Time for Long Division? Try Prime Factorization

by Kaplan GMAT on May 28, 2010

When most test takers encounter problems such as the one below, they have a predictable, yet incorrect, reaction. Most people fret when faced with large [...]

Nine Tips for Doing Homework Effectively, Part 2 of 2

by David Ragsdale on May 28, 2010

Part 1 of this article discussed 5 tips for effective homework practice. To read Part 1, click here, but as a quick refresher, the five [...]

The 2010 Beat The GMAT Scholarship Winners

by Beat The GMAT Team on May 27, 2010

After reviewing 437 applications this year, our panel of judges has selected 6 winners for this 5th annual Beat The GMAT Scholarship competition.  Here are [...]

Knewton Brutal GMAT Challenge – Week 10

by John Davies on May 26, 2010

There is a Knewton shirt out in the veld, floating around all free. You can claim it if you answer this question correctly, [...]

Must-Use Strategy for Critical Reasoning

by Manhattan Prep on May 26, 2010

I’ve been speaking with students lately who aren’t entirely sure how to approach Critical Reasoning (CR) questions when a new one first pops up on [...]

Answers to GMAT Verbal Challenge – Win a Grockit GMAT Course

by Andrea Alexander on May 25, 2010

Today’s article details the answers from yesterday’s Verbal Challenge and also announces the winner of a Free Grockit GMAT Complete Course! Congrats to all who [...]

10 Steps to the Perfect Admissions Essay: Step 1

by Scott Shrum on May 25, 2010

Over the next few weeks we will unveil Veritas Prep’s 10 Steps to the Perfect Admissions Essay, adapted from the Veritas Prep Guide to Great [...]

Manhattan GMAT Challenge Problem of the Week – 25 May 2010

by Caitlin Clay on May 25, 2010

Here’s the latest Challenge Problem! As always, the problem and solution below were written by one of our fantastic instructors. Each challenge problem [...]

Frequently Confused Words on the GMAT

by Jen Rugani on May 25, 2010

Certain words are very commonly confused for each other; this is by design. Here’s a core content piece you’d find in our course. The preposition among [...]

Manhattan GMAT Critical Reasoning GMAT Preparation Guide, 4th Edition: Book Review

by Dana Jinaru on May 24, 2010

The following book review was written by Dana Jinaru. Dana is currently a finance student in Europe and also serves as a moderator for [...]