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MBA Profile Fitment

by prashant11690 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:07 pm
Hi. I am an engineering grad with my majors in Production & Industrial Engineering. After my graduation, i went into sales. Now i have 2 years & 10 months of work experience into sales.
Now i want to pursue my MBA into finance/international business/or anything which interests me(yet to decide). My question is, should i now switch from sales to completing my masters into something different from sales? Will i get into a good B-School even if i get a good GMAT Score? Will this be a good decision(in terms of my career)?
What's your opinion about this?


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by mbaMissionJenK » Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:02 pm
Hi there,

So I think you have 2 main elements you are thinking about right now.... 1-- is the MBA a good option for me, career wise? and 2-- will I be able to get into the MBA programs I'm interested in?

In terms of the 1st q.... that is quite personal, and the most important advice is to do some thorough research. Look at employment reports from some MBA programs you might consider, to see where grads go. Think about and research what you are most interested in, that would potentially enable you to use skills you've developed thus far. Talk to people in careers and at companies you might consider in the future. You need to do this level of research first... not only for yourself, but also even to help with your 2nd q-- that of admission, as successful applicants have done their research and consideration and have a clear plan in mind.

In terms of that 2nd q-- it's hard to say too much at the moment.... but schools will look for evidence of leadership experience and potential, and involvement, and academic success, professional impact, and yes GMAT.... so there are many factors to consider. With those basic stats and without knowing any range of schools etc, certainly I'd think you'd be able to find a program that would work for you. But maybe it makes sense for you to come back once you know a bit more about your overall career vision! Good luck!
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