MBA in Canada: DeGroote MBA with Scholarship.

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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I signed up for GyanOne's services in November 2017. With 3.5 years of work experience in finance and advertising, and an average GMAT score of 610, I knew I would need the best help to crack the application process, and this is where GyanOne came to the rescue!

With Rishabh and Swati Maam's help, I got personalized feedback on the colleges I chose to apply to. Their research was extremely thorough. Rishabh does a deep-dive into the program offerings of every college and tries to connect your experience and aspirations with the college's offerings. He makes it a point to showcase your value additions to any program as well as clearly outline how a program can benefit you. Since I intend on specializing in marketing, he also gave his own reccommendations on the programs that would be best suited for me.

Swati and Rishabh helped with multiple rounds of my application review. In terms of constantly sending and re-sending multiple drafts of my SOP and resume, I was able to get a precise application ready. Since I was applying with my sister to all the programs, we both stood in direct competition with each other. Swati and Rishabh took extra measures to ensure that each and every document of ours was extremely different. Since my sister and I have extremely similar profiles- from our work experience to even our GMAT scores, it was necessary to put across different stories for the two of us. And Swati and Rishabh took all the steps to make us sound and look like different candidates. This kind of attention requires time, patience and constant back and forths, which GyanOne perfectly executed. I would shoot multiple drafts of documents and e-mails to them on a daily basis and they were more than willing to help with each and every query.

Once interview calls came, Swati Ma'am helped me by giving a grueling mock interview session. In each session conducted, she would coach me on how to present myself and how to address questions intelligently. Her questions were so multi-pronged and sometimes they knocked the wind out of me! But as she did mention, she prepared me for the worst. She would ask behavioural as well as general MBA questions about my past work experience and my future goals, and her cross-questions required you to be clear and logical. She would also encourage me to connect my story with daily happenings or current affairs to provide more contexts to my answers. And the actual interview seemed like a cake walk to me. At the end of my interview, I remember thinking how simple it actually was and that ended up worrying me a little bit :)

Through GyanOne's help, not only did both my sister and I get into our program of choice, but we were also awarded scholarships for the same!

GyanOne has been a lifesaver in my college apps and taking their help definitely proved to be a success for me.