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MBA Dream Admissions Consultancy

by navpaktos » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:51 pm
I gave my GMAT in 2011 and had applied for a couple of colleges then. I was dinged by all the schools where I had applied. Come 2012 I decided to get professional help from MBADream.
Working with MBADream helped me realize that b-school applications are all about marketing, selling yourself which is something people from my background are not good at (yes you guessed it I am a run of the mill Male/Indian/IT guy).

Reasons for choosing
1) Rahul has already gone through the application process himself when he was doing his MBA that gives him unique insights into the adcom process in terms of an Indian applicant.
2) He has not only helped a lot of people like me get into top colleges but has even managed to get them admitted with scholorships. He has a solid track record and people he has worked with will testify for that
3) The services he offers are a takeaway compared to the prices they charge. Dont beleive me try any other consultant and you'll find they charge anywhere between 50K to a lakh for a 5 college package

How helped me
1) He knew my profile inside out and decided on which stories would work for which college. Each college has a unique personality to it and adcom people are looking for a match in your essays (fit as many would say it). Rahul helped me select the stories which jells with the college personality, get the stories right and avoid the landmines which might make or break a college application.

2) He gave me honest feedbacks and made me rework essays time and again to get that perfect application ready for each school. The editing services he provide are the best. You literally learn how to get a 2000word essay concise into a 500 word esssay and still be able to tell adcom all about your unique stories. The editing service is just awesome where you can see literary genius Megha work her magic on your essays. You would think the end product came right out of a fairy tale.

3) Rahul helped me realize that the application was about more than answering a series of challenging questions. The application was an opportunity for me to search within myself and identify with the accomplishments, failures, stories and values that I hold dear. It was an opportunity to transform those experiences and thoughts into words that protrayed me as a unique individual and deserving of a MBA seat.
3) He advised me on which colleges to apply and prepared me for the admission interviews (oh yes there were a lot of them). He divised the interview strategy and helped me get my stories straight.

Getting interview invites from six of the TOP business schools in the world already (ISB) speaks volume about the quality of work done by MBADream. I still have a couple of applications for which I am sure an interview invitation is guarenteed just because of the quality of the application I put in. I am thoroughly convinced that MBADream increased my chances many times over than if I had done it on my own considering I would fall under the most competitive applicant pools ever. My consultant's guidance and ability to see the best in me helped me realize my life long dreams. I would highly recommend MBAdream, especially to anyone that wants to differentiate themselves and compete for the most coveted business school acceptance letters.

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by avagmah » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:55 pm
Before joining an MBA program, one must look into accreditation and approvals of the institution. Online Learning MBA programs will suit for working professionals.

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by abcgmat » Tue May 28, 2013 12:38 am
Hi navpaktos ,

Curious to know which B-school you could get into and which package did you chose (Express ?)