Regarding schools choice and POST MBA -Career GOALS

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I have 12 years experience in IT . Majority of my working experience is in India for IT services majors like Oracle Financial Services , TCS, Infosys .Currently I work as IT Business analyst for a bank via infosys on a corporate banking e-channel.

I have substantial experience in SWIFT , cross border Transactions ,Payments and On a Funds Transfer application (Global PayPlus -A payment engine ).I mention my experience as I think it could be useful for FinTech Careers in Payments Domain.So below is my profile :

Age:34 Work ex : 12 years . Education :Bachelor of Technology in IT
Industry :IT (IT services)

GMAT (given in 2016) : 540

GRE. (Given in 2018) : 305

Planning to give GRE again .i believe I could stretch score to 315-320.

I am looking for a Full-Time one year MBA ,preferably in UK (or Canada)due to the recent student visa changes ,which enables students to work in UK for 2Years after studies.

Post - MBA career goals :

-Change function to Strategy work in a strategy role .Organisation like Accenture Strategy for example .

- OR to work in Payments Consulting firms like celent

- OR To work in a FinTech or a Bank leveraging my payments or Banking (IT)experience.

-OR To work in Product Management role in an e-commerce form like Amazon .

-AND to change geography of work location to UK.

I believe above are the only reasonable Post- MBA career options that I can expect due to higher work experience and my previous experience in IT .I realise that no one is going to grant me VC ,PE Consulting or IB role at this stage of my career now .

I am not considering US due to the hassle and uncertainty with post study work visa and change of location is one of the primary Goal of doing MBA.I can consider Canada as a location as well .

I am not considering Sloan programmes as placement assistance is not provided in there .

Please advise me schools in UK (orCanada)for MBA programme to achieve above goals .( I can consider Masters programme as well if it can help in achieving above POST-MBA career goals .)
Specifically : How will be the Imperial ,cass,warwick ,Alliance Manchaster Business school for my goals ?can they accept me at this career stage ?

Also advise if my higher work-ex (12 years) and age (34) could be a serious handicap in securing a job aligned to my goals post -mba as average class experience is around 6 years is most B -schools in UK.