Masters in Management - Europe

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Masters in Management - Europe

by sukriti2hats » Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:50 am

GPA - I am a college senior and till now my aggregate is 80%, Economics major, University of Delhi(ranked no.1 in India )
GMAT- will be writing in September 2014
Extracurricular - Editor-in-chief of the Annual Economics journal of college consecutively for 2 years
Internships- 1 summer at a leading bank of USA

I am a college senior in India, mine is a 3-year degree. According to the norms of the business schools and graduate schools in USA, a 3-year degree does not match the required academic qualification. This led me to change my mind and think about Masters in Management program that is popular in Europe.
I want to know :
1) The prospects of MiM programs as compared to MBA
2) If I get a GMAT score of 700+ and also take work experience of 2-3 years, will I stand in a position to apply to the top b schools of USA? Or will my degree still be a hindrance?


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by Abhyank » Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:23 pm
Well first of all, i am really not sure if you have correct information about the validity of your degree. I am pretty sure it should not be a problem, otherwise thousands of students would be in a permanent fix. I suggest you contact the schools admin and sort it out with them.

As for the MiM it is a pretty good degree, very similar to the MBA but aimed towards young graduates and professionals with less than 2 years of work ex. MiM schools are pretty prominent in the EU but famed schools in the US such as Duke, Cornell, MIT have also started offering this degree. Post grad opportunities are also pretty good with average salaries of about 50000 Euros.
You can find a lot more info about the MiM & reviews about top MiM schools at

As for your profile, your academics seem to be alright, just concentrate on a 680+ GMAT.
Your work ex is also pretty ideal for the MiM, i would suggest getting a little more experience in the form of an internship or a full time job, before applying.
Having an editor in chief experience would help, but it would be better if you complement this by mentioning experiences/activities in other fields too. A diverse well rounded profile is the key to get a the top MiM program.

You can check out for a more comprehensive profile evaluation.

Hope the answer helped.
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