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by ashim_ag » Fri Oct 16, 2015 2:57 am
Kindly evaluate my profile for Tuck and Ross this year.

GMAT Score : 640 (Q:49, V :28, AWA:awaiting, IR : 7 )

Work experience :
2.5 Years in Capgemini Consulting(one of the global leaders in consulting space) as Associate Consultant and Part of the Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ) CDM leadership team. Have also worked for 1 year as a Software Consultant for Capital One USA.

Roles Undertaken

-Worked on more than 60 fast paced projects of duration less than 60 days with zero defects and a revenue generation of almost $200,000 USD, all within a span of 6 months.
-Regularly managed the entire core team operations and the various Service Desk management activities with utmost perfection.
-Worked for the team on supports, installs and production testing scenarios thereby reducing the overall cost of the company by more than 10% of the entire project cost.
-Worked together with the testing and the onshore development team to implement critical projects worth more than $100,000 USD.
-The youngest SME for the Credit Decision Management Team due to excellent understanding of the new ANZ-CDM system in a very short period.

For Capital One----
- Worked as a Credit Decision Management Associate handling several business processes associated with determining risks, analysis of application data and recommending innovative solutions to handle all the fraudulent and invalid credit requests.
- Worked on implementing two big business projects Colossus and CS3 Migration worth more than $2 million in revenue prospects in a financial year.
- Regular client business interactions and working in agile scrum environment - thereby rendering productivity level of more than 95%
- Worked together with the testing and the onshore development team to decrease the defects in the implementations of various projects which reduced the overall cost to the company by more than $50,000 per year.

Graduation : B. Tech in CS 88% GPA - 3.7+
Was in the top 10%ile of the class

Extra Curricular activities :
Captain of the college Basketball tournament and won the house cup with my own department team.
Part of the Wekare CSR Initiative at my company.
Have helped facilitate and coordinate numerous tree plantation drives and blood -donation camps.
Have been a framework designer for the Lake Rejuvenation Program in Bangalore.
Have been an active member and coordinator for the EduKare program that funds local parents for education of their children.
An active member of the Toastmasters community.

Can you please evaluate my profile and let me know my chances at Tuck and Ross.
My GMAT is on the lower side but i can make sure that my application as a whole is perfect.
Should i retake my GMAT??


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by CriticalSquareMBA » Sat Oct 17, 2015 9:07 am
Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your profile. Your work experience is solid and your involvement is decent assuming you participated regularly. If Ross or Tuck are a must, I do advise to retake the GMAT. Spend some time to see if you can crack 700 as that will help your chances quite a bit at Ross. Tuck will still be tough but worth a shot with a GMAT over 700.

Hope this information helps. Feel free to get back to us with the answers to the above questions. Also, feel free to check out our free resources to get you started for your R2 preparation. Best of luck this season!
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