Sentence Correction (SC) - Idioms, Meaning, Modifiers

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- Modifiers - Part I: Learn all about noun modifiers and verb modifiers.

- Modifiers - Part II: Learn a variety of rules related to relative clauses.

- Modifiers - Part III - "that" vs. "which": Learn when to use clauses beginning with "that" and when to use clauses beginning with "which."

- Modifiers - Part IV: Learn how to punctuate modifiers, and learn how word order can affect the meaning of a sentence.

- Omitting "that" from a sentence: Learn when it's okay to omit "that" from a sentence

- Exceptions to the Touch Rule: Learn two situations in which a noun modifier can be placed away from the noun it modifies.

- Idioms: Learn how idioms work and how to prepare for them.

- Word Choice - "lay" vs. "lie" and more: Learn the rules for "lay" vs. "lie," "between" vs. "among" and comparatives vs. superlatives.

- Word Choice - "if" vs. "whether": Learn the rule for "if" vs. "whether."

- Word Choice - "less" vs. "fewer" and more: Learn the rules for "less" vs. "fewer," "much" vs. "many" and "rather than" vs. "instead of."

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