Going from 41-45 (Advanced Verbal Strategy)

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I am all set to restart my study for the Gmat (Second attempt). In my first attempt i scored a V41. I would say that my biggest strenght was CR, followed by RC and SC which were pretty much tied :-). Whenever i had plenty of time (had my timing down - as in the actual test) i did very well on RC. My goal with Prep was to get 90+ percent accuracy in SC (including the toughest SC) but that goal always alluded me ( i was getting around 3 incorrect answers in SC per MGMAT or GMAT CAT). My reason for retaking the test is my quant score, but i guess it never hurts to work hard on verbal to bump up the score a few points (I have acheived V45 on MGMAT, and GMAT PREP before but never consistently). Here is the material & strategy i used the first time around :

Sentence Correction:

Book : MGMAT 5th edition SC (strategy guide)
EGMAT, SC Course
A few RON Videos (Thursdays with Ron, MGMAT)

Questions : OG 12, OG 13, Sentence correction questions by topic from GMATCLUB and this forum. Kaplan Premier SC + Kaplan 800.

This was all i practiced (these added up to hundreds of questions)...

Critical Reasoning :

- LSAT Bible (Power score) : Read the book cover to cover a couple of times, just to get to understand the concepts that are tested. At the end i used my own logic abilities to solve (did not rely on the family rules etc) and was getting virtually 100% accuracy in CR in my CAT's (GMAT Prep , Question Pack 1)

Practice questions: OG13 (way to easy), Kaplan 800 (not to my liking), the CAT's and Gmat prep questions (downloaded)..In addition to this i solved the free LSAT tests that are available on their website.


Books: MGMAT , RC book 5th edition, Veritas Prep RC (for questions), OG13 RC questions

For my second round, I intend on going into more details of every topic ( breaking down SC topic and going deep) be it SC or CR. I have downloaded all Thursdays with Ron SC videos and will be using them more this time around as they come highly recommended. I may also consider the MGMAT Adv. SC workshop if i feel that i have the concepts locked down but need more help with strategy. For CR, i will be going over the MGMAT 5th edition book for revision (since i do not feel like re-reading the LSAT Logic book for the third time) and have the 10 LSAT test book that offers around 300 Logic questions to practice. I cannot re-do either OG13 or Qpack1 (or GMAT prep) CR questions as they have really stuck in my head, and i pretty much know the "Logic" they are testing and cannot seem to "forget" the questions :-) ...

For RC, i will be working on the passages in the LSAT tests (10 actual LSAT tests) and then re-doing the Veritas prep passages for some more practice.

I really do not know what to do beyond all this, so am looking at suggestions. Most posts i have read helps people who are scoring in the 30's to go over the 40 barrier (and they helped me when i was prepping for the first time). I will be taking the test around the middle of June so can spend quality time on verbal to boost my overall score.
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