Learn How Vedant Scored 760 on the GMAT, Twice!

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“TTP, frankly, exceeded all my expectations.” - Vedant Jain, TTP student

Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? With the Target Test Prep GMAT Course, Vedant earned a GMAT score of 760 (Q49/V45) twice … in one week!

“TTP is all you really need to get a 99th percentile score,” Vedant says. “Everything is perfectly organized, with all the relevant data and metrics at your fingertips, so you can focus on the actual learning and practicing. It’s an all-in-one solution and a pleasure to use.”

In this live interview, Vedant discusses his GMAT study plan and techniques and how TTP’s course helped him achieve a massive 760 GMAT score not once but twice.

Using the science of spaced learning and strategic repetition, TTP’s revolutionary GMAT course maximizes knowledge retention and makes studying simple and fun. See the results for yourself with a 5-day full access of TTP for just $1, and check out Vedant's incredible story here.

“The GMAT can be very daunting. TTP makes it simple.” - Vedant Jain, TTP student

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For anyone wondering whether the difficulty of the online GMAT and that of the in-person GMAT are the same, this example helps to confirm that they are.
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