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:wave: Hello, my friends at Beat The GMAT!

You may have heard that the GMAC will release a new version of the GMAT, the GMAT Focus Edition, later this year. The GMAT Focus Edition brings major changes to the GMAT, affecting the test structure, content, and scoring.

Here are a few key things to know about the release of new GMAT:

:idea: GMAC has not announced an official release date but is expected to release the GMAT Focus Edition by fall 2023. However, the new test could become available as soon as spring or summer.
:idea: GMAC appears on track to release the 2023-2024 GMAT Official Guide, which will cover the GMAT Focus Edition, by the end of March 2023.
:idea: The current version of the GMAT exam will continue to be available through early 2024, as will current GMAT official practice tests.

So, if you’re already prepping for the GMAT or have business school application deadlines coming up soon, there’s no need to worry that your plans will be delayed or derailed. You can still take the current GMAT that you have been studying for and apply with your score from that exam.

In fact, if you’ve been preparing for the GMAT, we recommend that you continue to prepare for the current version of the GMAT.

If you want to learn more or have some questions or concerns about the GMAT changing, join TTP for a free webinar this Wednesday at 12PM ET. We’ll discuss everything that is changing about the GMAT and what will stay the same.

:idea: Register now

Hope you can join us!

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Such an interesting development. One thing I want to know is whether they give you 8 shots at the new GMAT even if you have taken the current one a few times.
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