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Learn Before You Practice GMAT Focus Questions

Although answering practice questions alone generally isn’t sufficient GMAT Verbal preparation, it is an important second step. So then, what is the first step?

For best results, first build strong foundations in the concepts and strategies related to a Verbal question type. Then, answer practice questions of just that type.

For example, for Critical Reasoning questions that ask you to weaken an argument, you would learn what a premise is and the various ways arguments can be weakened (concepts). You also would learn to identify the conclusion before you answer the question (strategy). Then, you’d practice by answering dozens of Weaken the Argument questions.

Similarly, before practicing Reading Comprehension questions that ask you to identify a passage’s main point, you would learn the difference between main points and supporting details of a passage (concepts). You also would learn to eliminate answer choices from worst to best (strategy). Then, you’d practice answering Main Point questions.

So, to learn each question type, read all about the question type, watch videos, and put what you’re learning into your own words. Once you have a thorough understanding of the question type, practice with many questions of that type.

This order of events is important for a number of reasons. For one, you won’t waste time trying to answer questions without clearly understanding how to get them correct.

Secondly, your practice will help solidify the knowledge and skills you just gained, so what you learn “sticks.”

Finally, your practice results will indicate whether you fully understand the topic you just studied and are ready to progress to the next topic.

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Scott Woodbury-Stewart
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