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Kaplan scores

by kapilmalhotra » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:41 am
Hi Eli
(i tried personal messaging this to you but it never got sent)

I have given 2 Kaplan mocks Kaplan gmat premier 12-13 and my scores were Kaplan 2- 600 and Kaplan 3-600(there is no kaplan test 1 for some reason). I fail to understand that why am I doing so bad even after practising so many questions from so many materials(og13, verbal and quant review, kaplan verbal and math foundation and workbook, a bit of manhattan and now doing kaplan 800) im really feeling very stressed and shattered as my test is on 11th september and i really want to do well. I am particularly screwing it up with critical reasoning and reading comprehension and really need you to advice me as to how can i improve in these areas. I also plan to give the remaining kaplan mocks and have some manhattan mocks and also the power prep ones from gmac.

Based on my Kaplan scores what score do u realistically believe that ill be able to achieve on my gmat? is 700 achievable?

please reply at the earliest


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by KapTeacherEli » Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:50 am
Hi Kapil,

Sorry your scores are frustrating you!

Unfortunately, I don't have much to go on. But I'll take a guess. When I see students who report doing very well on problems out of the book, but poorly on the test, the issue is almost always one of timing. How much timed practice were you doing from the OG and Manhattan books, versus untimed practice?

Try doing short, strictly timed practice sets. 2 min. per quant problem, 2 min. per CR problem, 1 min. per SC question, 4 minutes to read each passage, and 1:20 per reading question. Do 5-10 problems at a time to get used to GMAT test pace, then see how your next full length exam goes.

Good luck!
Eli Meyer
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