Job dilemma, Pofile evaluation-please help

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Job dilemma, Pofile evaluation-please help

by adm209 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:10 am
Hi. I am a mechanical engineering graduate from an above average engineering college in Delhi. My college acads and extracurriculars are good. I have just joined a leading automobile company- Suzuki. I have already taken the GMAT and my score is 730. I plan to apply to top US B-schools after 2-3 years work experience. My department allocation is yet to take place. I have requested for supply chain management as a preferred choice. However most of the vacancy lies in Research and Development. Most of the work in RND would be project oriented. What are my chanced of getting into a good US B school. Do you suggest I look for another job ( which can give me a more management oriented exposure) if I am put into RND as the work in RND is mostly project oriented? However you can get an opportunity to go to Japan for training. Does the international work experience matter more than interacting with the business vertical? The company is huge, it rolls out 3500 cars per day...Keeping my objective of getting into one of the top US B schools after a couple of years would it be appropriate to leave and join a smaller organization where my interaction with the business side would be more?

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by Cindy Tokumitsu » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:33 am

I can't answer your question with a clear recommendation. For example, it might seem like it's easier to get into a top b-school by joining a smaller organization and interacting directly with business, but on the other hand there's also value in a global brand (Suzuki) and, if you are in R&D and proactively pursue leadership (even informal) and business exposure and you reflect business thinking in your essays, that could be just as effective. You'd show yourself to be resourceful and proactive. You don't mention your goals, but presumably both options would be valuable for your goals - the direct business exposure at the smaller firm or the experience with a world-class organization at Suzuki.

Since they are both viable options for getting into b-school, in my view, the best option is the one that interests you most. Take that path, do your utmost, consistently seeking out leadership and learning, and you can't go wrong for building a foundation for a b-school application.

Good luck with your interview!
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Cindy Tokumitsu
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