Is there a limit score per person in the GMAT?

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I did the GMAT two years ago and I will do it again in two days. On my first trial I have scored 440, without much study. Now I have been studying for 3 months and in my CATs I cannot achieve good marks. The maximum that I could reach was 560.

I want to enter in a business school where the min. score is 600 and the last year range was 640-770 and the median was 710. I really want to try my best to enter this school but I do not know how to improve my GMAT score. I have been thinking that maybe there is a limit score per person what it comes to GMAT and maybe I should just give up on achieving this high score.

What would you do? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you


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Hi Campea,

I see it's been some time since your last post. How did things end up with your GMAT?