Integrated Reasoning opening question in Prep Test

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Hello guys,

im new to this forum. I need your help with a question (in fact its not just one but 50, but i come to that)

When i first did that offered prep test i already got stucked with the first question, it took me 4 minutes to just read the text and i still dont understand it thoroughly.

If anybody would be so kind and give me a hint to the right answer - i know its 16.000 but i dont know the calculation that lead there. Please help me with the Question on Picture 4. You will need the previous pictures for the answer since they contain the text and the tables.

excuse my english, im german -




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by Proteinshake » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:51 am
Hi Thanaz,

The answer is in the interpretation of the key at the top of the table. The question asks for the "meat consumption in barras in 1000 AD" The table shows a consumption of 160 in the year 1000. If you look at the key, this is the consumption for a 4 person family. Which means 1 person would only eat 160/4= 40lbs per year. Since the total population in 1000AD is 400 people, the answer is:

=>number of people x pounds of meat eaten by each person
=> 400x40= 16000.