INSEAD Job Essay 1 Tips

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INSEAD Job Essay 1 Tips

by MBAPrepCoach » Thu Aug 26, 2021 6:52 am
Main message when talking about work: it's easy to slip into jargon and acronyms that create a barrier to adcom understanding your greatness. Use universal language, and then run your response by people in your life who don’t know much about your job.

Let's look at the short answer question:

Briefly summarize your current (or most recent) job, including the nature of work, major responsibilities, and where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, clients/products and results achieved.

In addition to keeping the language simple, there are a few other points you need to get across.

Show the level you are working at: typically, this is indicated by budgets and employees, but if your industry uses a different measure, share that. The point of looking for MBA hires is accessing a large body of vetted candidates. In this instance, it's flipped – INSEAD is seeing how vetted *you* are by your employer.

Results: very important! While you don’t have to go into long-winded stories here, give a bit of context around your resume highlights that are already in STAR format. Bring a bit of life into them, don’t copy and paste. Results are best when quantitative and speak to motivations of making money, saving money, and saving time.

For those who don't directly work on the revenue base, do some modeling: had you not done that “IT” thing, would it have jeopardized your organization's ability to scale? Think creatively about how to demonstrate how you added value.
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