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INSEAD admission

by SPK78 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:30 am
Uncertain about my fit to the INSEAD program, I came across Laura Freedman at Access Education in Singapore to discuss my odds of getting in given my low GMAT scores and relative seniority. Within 10 mins of our discussion, she outlined my scattered thoughts into a unique logical proposition. In that very instant I decided I was in the right hands and have not looked back since...

The first thing that struck me about her was that unlike commercially run MBA admissions consultants, she gets personally involved with her clients, gaining keen insights into their personal & professional lives with ease. Secondly, her approach is to keep the application genuine and authentic. This was particularly comforting to me. Each word in my application reflected my true self in my own words and yet my application was unique as well as compelling. I believe this to be an important differentiator between the thousands to applications fed to business school admissions committees.

The biggest plus with Laura has been the fact that you are dealing with a person who has been in the same boat in the past and understands perspectives from both ends - those of both the MBA program and of the student. She has extensive experience in this space with the ability to translate life experiences into meaningful anecdotes that resonate with an admissions committee.

As I begin my INSEAD experience, I know that I will always be thankful to Laura for having greater faith in me than I did myself, and also for proactively going that extra mile at several junctures which certainly helped me overcome the odds and to get in to the only program I had applied to.

She is truly passionate about her profession and it reflects in her work ethic and output. Whether one gets a "yes" or a "ding", one will not regret having worked with Laura knowing that you put your best foot forward!!!

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by pmant » Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:14 am
Have you heard from INSEAD yet? I am an applicant R2 Jan 2013, still waiting for the decision notification...

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by bharataalv » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:08 am

I've been working with Laura and I can give my reflection on our work together.
I owe Laura a great deal....

PM me if you want any thoughts on our work together.

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by [email protected] » Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:09 pm
"After working on my INSEAD application myself for over 2 months, I was looking for an MBA admissions consultant to do an expert review my application. Based on the wealth of positive feedback I'd read about her, I reached out to Laura Freedman at Access Education in Singapore ( Her help far exceeded my expectations. Her editing skills are simply incomparable. I wanted to make sure the application would be in my own voice without losing any ideas, and she was right on to it. Her experience brought tremendous value to my whole application. One of the most important things I believe is necessary in the grueling process of INSEAD is positive hope. She just keep filling me with energy, motivating me and helping me to believe in myself. And lastly she is passionate about the school, which means she helps in the application by applying her heart. A small point, but very very important. Now that I have been admitted to INSEAD, I have no second thoughts of accepting that without her it wouldn't have been so. I'm really glad I contacted her, and am grateful for her help. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Thank you, Laura!"