Indian Male 740(Q49,V42), need help with school selection

Launched January 9, 2010
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I need help in school selection

My profile:

GMAT = 740 (q49, v42), AWA=5.5

B.Tech (mechanical engg), from National institute of Technology NIT janshedpur
GPA =8.34/10

Workex= 2 yrs (as on date). will be 3 years by the time a join a school
Employer = Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. India's largest Private player in the power sector . developing about 40,000 MW. A group company on Anil Ambani group, India's second largest business house

Job profile: 1 year as 'construction engineer' at an upcoming power project
1 year as Asstt. manager in Business Strategy & business Development. (current)

Career goals:want to move to a postion of higher responsibility within the energy sector in a General Management role OR an infrastructure consulting firm (energy domain)

Want to work in india for the next 2-3 years

Extra C:
was the general secreatry of student council at NIT
head student volunteer of annual fest organising committee
Hall president of Student hostel
won several prizes for ghazals, poetry writing

NSE certified market professional level-1 (NCMP) (NSE is the national stock exchange of India)

I have already applied to Indian school of Business in R1. recommendaions from my ex-manager (who is a ISB alum) and Vice President of my company (my current manager, IITKanpur+INSEAD alum). planning to take recommedatons from both of them for other schools as well

So far I have shortlisted MIT Sloan, NUS, INSEAD, Haas

what other schools in US or Europe shall I target ?

was planning to apply to LBS but the feedback I got from an alum was not encouraging. Is it true that no international workex/no NGO work = No LBS, or top 10-15 schools (with my kind of a profile)

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by [email protected] » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:59 am

I disagree that no int'l experience and no NGo work means no LBS. It's definitely not that cut and dry. But you come from a very competitive applicant pool (male/Indian/engineer), so you do need something to set you apart from the pack. Int'l experience and NGO work are two ways to do that, but impressive work accomplishments (highlighted in your essays and letters of reco) can also do that.

I do think that list of schools will be tough for you. Since you want to work in India, why not ISB?

Good luck!