The National Museum of American History owns Harley-Davidson

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The National Museum of American History owns Harley-Davidsons of various vintages on account of having evolved into an American touchstone.

A. on account of having
B. on account of their having
C. because they have
D. because of having
E. because it has

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by BTGmoderatorRO » Thu May 10, 2018 9:37 am
Option A: Incorrect
The sentence is lucrative and attractive enough to attract unsuspecting audience in answering the question. Unfortunately, it does not explain anything and could not be ascertained to be a valid option.

Option B: incorrect
It's not grammatically correct to use an adjective "their" before a continuous verb "having". An adjective seeks to modify a noun in a sentence structure

Option C: correct
''Because they have'' the ''they'' in the sentence signifies and embodies a reverence for the ''National Museum of American History" which stands as a corporation. So, the usage of the pronoun "they" is most apt. More so, the use of "various vintages" represents a plural entity which makes it more appropriate.

Option D: incorrect
This statement sounds grammatically irritating, lacking in merit and does not qualify to be a sentence.

Option E: incorrect
This sentence would have made a better judgement of the case at hand but for the use of the modal auxiliary verb "has" which is singular in nature instead of a revering word like "they"

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Thank you for such a valuable information. I was looking for a long time detailed explanation. Really appreciate your reply!