I have hit a wall in prep- how to break it?

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Hi all,

I am posting this question after getting tired of looking at the same results of every mock test. The funny thing is that the quant score in my diagnostic test, that I took 4-5 months before, is exactly the same as on the most recent test, even after studying so diligently.

I have used up all my resources of GMAT. I have read and solved each and every question of MGMAT guides, OG and various other sources. It is not that I didn't time each problem. I did time all problems and could manage to finish most of them under the prescribed time limit ( I maintained an error log as well).

After carefully perusing and scrutinizing my assessment reports I resolved that probably I am not able to increase my score because I have not been using right strategies such as plugging in and back solving. But when I sit and take the test, these things just don't strike me at the right time and to add over, I get anxious and end up marking randomly.
I get only very hard and around 70 percent of hard questions wrong, so I believe that I have a grip on my fundamentals, or could I be wrong?

How should I actually apply these strategies on the test? How can I get very hard and hard questions right?

In dire need of help - I have to take GMAT in 10 days.

PS- I always thought I am bad at maths, but throughout these months of GMAT prep I realized that it was untrue. Now after not being able to increase my score, I am again tending to give credence to the fact that perhaps I am not good at maths.



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by [email protected] » Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:05 am
Hi sukriti,

You have made some vague references to your "problem" areas, but you have not provided much information to prove your point. I'm hoping that you can answer a few questions about your studies so far:

1) How have you scored on your practice CATs (include the Quant and Verbal Scaled Scores)?
2) What is your goal score?
3) Do you have the flexibility to push your Test Date back?
4) How long have you been studying?
5) What resources have you been using to study?

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