Job Scope after Master in Corporate Finance from Henley Business School

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Can someone let me know what'e job scope after doing a Master's in Corporate Finance from Henley Business School? If it's good what can I expect as the starting salary?


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Hi Akshat2000,

You're asking a rather specific question, so you're not likely to randomly come across someone who can answer it. That having been said, many Schools keep in touch with their Alums (to learn more about how those people used their degrees, where they currently work, their annual pay, etc.). Thus, you might find the answers you're looking for by contacting the School's Admissions Department and asking.

1) Have you taken the GMAT or GRE yet? If you have, then how did you Score?
2) When are you planning to apply to School (and are you facing any immediate application deadlines?)?

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Career opportunity in masters in finance is great, particularly in the world we live in. There are other factors to consider too, like growth potential in 3 years after graduating as well as opportunity to study in broader focus areas within finance. Starting salary will depend on your experience before the program as well as your performance during the program and your networking (including any internship opportunity). Finance is a broad field and the real money comes when you become Financial Controller, Treasurer or CFO. All of this will take about 8-10 years. Focus more on the learning and working experience
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