Colleges Suggestion with Scholarship d for one year MBA

Launched August 9, 2011
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6 Years in a retail product company in India. I've started and built the Human Resource operations and functions in the company. I've got 3-4 Promotions and now a part of the senior management in the company. The company is on the verge of going Global in a years time.

Others: I've taken a lot of Business initiatives and demonstrated during the college. However, after I 've started working all my initiatives are confined to my workplace. Done quite a few certifications.

To learn, understand the organization from a Global perspective ideally to run a large corporate office of a global organization. I will be returning to the same company post MBA.

Since I've other debts I won't be able to afford an expensive MBA. Something around 30K $ after scholarships is my budget.

Which are the top schools which offer one year MBA with low fees which I can target?
Which are the schools where I can expect a generous scholarship?