Help...too late to provide supplement information?

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I applied to a top ranked part time program and regardless of admission results, I will hear from them by 8/1. In fact, many people on other forums have reported receiving admission emails on a daily basis.

When I submitted my application, I did not mention being a member on the board for my co-op apartment in 2005-2006. Right now I can not fathom why I did not include that information/activity :( probably was a case of temporary stupidity.

Since a co-op is run like a corporation, being on the board should really boost my application and being that my EC was weak to start with, that was just a really bad decision on my part. I had many responsibilities such as managing budgets (as a group), interview applicants, evaluate contractors, dealing with lawyers on co-op policies, etc....

Is it now too late to write an email to the adcom to "supplement" my application? Would they care about such activity?

In fact there was another EC I failed to mention. I had an internship with the city of new york in the summer of my college graduation to work with kids working for nyc. My job was to travel to many government sites and evaluate the progress and interview their supervisors. Although this activity seemed trivial now after 10 years as an engineer, I feel the nature of job was meaningful.

Advice? Please help....

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:16 pm
Hi J,
It doesnt hurt to mention. I would phrase that its something you want to add to your admission file. Probably will not have an impact (as they might have already made the decision on your candidacy), but again cant hurt.


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