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Suggestion needed

by gmatosaurus » Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:44 pm
I am an Indian male, doctor (MBBS) by profession with 4+ yrs of work-ex by fall 2010 (including 1yr of compulsory internship) and aspire to do MBA from one of the top 15 B-schools in US.

My GMAT Score is 720 [V35, Q51]
AWA 3.5 :oops:

Almost all of my work-ex until now has been in a small town clinic in Bihar [a semi-rural work experience]. I have recently joined a corporate hospital in a big city - New Delhi

I do have some community service under my belt too, both during my college days and working days: namely tsunami fund raising, flood relief work, working with an NGO dedicated to prevention of HIV in local sex workers.
As for the extra-curricular activities– I write poetry and draw pencil shades. I also practice transcendental meditation.
My college acads are a little below average to be honest and my college is a Government medical school, virtually unknown in the US.

Can u please tell me what are my chances in H/S/W (Harvard/stan/Wharton/columbia) for fall 2010?

Also please suggest some realistic and safe B-Schools options for me, considering my profile and assuming that I intend to work in Healthcare Sector post MBA.
Any word of caution would be highly appreciated.

PS : I would also appreciate any sort of feedback regarding improving my profile for the 1 year i have...or any thing even unrelated.

Shud I give GMAT again aiming at a better AWA and a better VA score to get say 760+ ?

Please reply
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by Cindy Tokumitsu » Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:17 pm

For overall advice, I suggest developing a very strong, clear message and vision for your goals. Perhaps you’ve already done this, but I find that people often believe that several sentences of rationally presented goals suffice, but you will really want to get the readers of your essays excited about your goals: what your motivations are for them, what you hope to achieve, how you’ll do it, etc., so that’s something to put some thought into now.

As for programs, I can’t tell your chances at the schools you mention without knowing your GPA, and also more about your experience—it should be “high performance” to be competitive at those programs.

Other excellent programs (of varying competitiveness) with strong healthcare options include Duke, Vanderbilt, Simon (at Rochester), Boston Univ. I believe you will enjoy exploring these programs.

Your GMAT is sound, but a higher GMAT (and AWA) can only help...

Good luck with your plans!

Cindy Tokumitsu
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by gmatosaurus » Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:27 pm
Thank you Cindy !
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