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I have a consulting and healthcare background and was looking to target the top-5 business schools. A friend of mine at BCG recommended Admissions Gatewayand after doing my research I decided to undertake my journey with them.

While choosing a consultant I looked at two factors - their track record for the top-5 b-schools and a sense of how much they understand my story and pay attention to me individually. I felt comfortable with both aspects at Admissions Gateway.

The MBA Application process was an exercise in introspection as well as arriving at an understanding of my career goals. The process spans almost a year and requires immense amount of time and hard work across GMAT prep, school research - primary and secondary, essay iterations and finally the interview preparation.

The toughest challenge for me was the immense amount of time and effort required close to the deadlines (especially as they are quite close to each other) to close one application after another. I would really recommend applicants to either take time off or set expectations at work accordingly.

Introspection: My consultant (a Kellogg alumnus) played a pivotal role in guiding me through each stage of the process and helped me look deeper into my own life experiences and future aspirations. This helped me decide what aspects I most wanted to share in the limited space I had in essays.

Customisation: Rajdeep Chimni has a deep understanding of the admissions criteria at each school and he helped me mould my story for each application accordingly positioning it appropriately for each school I applied to. Admissions Gateway connected me with alums/current students at the Top-5 which immensely helped with not only primary research but also clarify any school-specific queries I had.

Goals and Essays: With the post-MBA goals crystallized and an understanding of the skills I was going to gain, Rajdeep helped me with the basic pillars of the application essays providing me with the foundation for writing excellent essays which portray my story and helped me capture my strengths.

Recommendations: We chose the optimal recommenders for my application as well as went over pointers that I discussed with the recommenders so as to ensure strong recommendations.

I received interview invites from each of the Top-5 schools I applied too.

During the last leg, Admissions Gateway helped me through teaching me about the interviewing process at each school as well as connecting me to students who had just successfully gone though the process recently. Apart from that, the numerous mock interviews the team conducted helped me gain confidence for the actual interviews.

I had a successful conclusion to the year with admits to Wharton ($), Kellogg ($$) and Tuck and Admissions Gateway has a big role to play in that.

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by hannazoey19 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:12 am
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