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HBS 2+2 Profile Evaluation

by Enrique10 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:44 am
Good day,

I'm really interested in applying to HBS's 2+2 Program and Stanford's and Yale's deferred admission MBA Program and I would really appreciate a quick evaluation from you on my chances of admission.

-22 years old Mexican male, currently on my senior year.
-Studying Civil Engineering in Mexico's #1 school on this particular subject.
-Member of my University's Honors Program, currently doing research on Climate Change consequences for communities near the rivers at the northern part of Mexico.
-Worked a summer internship at a local construction site where I suppervised a little team of 4 workers.
-Currently teaching math courses at poor Primary Schools in my state.
-Proposed to create CETYS's (the best private High School and University in Mexico's north-western side) first men's volleyball program, enabling approximately 30 volleyball players in all of Baja California (a mexican state) to apply for a scholarship regardless of their social status.
-4.0 GPA
-750 GMAT.

-Been a high performance volleyball athlete for the last 7 years.
-5 consecutive Junior National Championships (annual competition).
-3 consecutive High School National Championships (annual competition and first national title in my High School's sport's program.
-3 consecutive University National Championships (annual competition and first national title in my University's volleyball program).
-2 consecutive recognitions as the best Student-Athlete in my University.
-5 Junior Championship titles achieved in the western part of the US (where all of US's western coast states participated with their clubs).
-2nd place at the U19 (under 19 years old) Panamerican World Championship Qualifier Tournament.
-2nd place at the U23 (under 23 years old) Panamerican World Championship Qualifier Tournament.
-13th place at the Boy's U19 World Championship.
-16th place at the Men's U21 World Championship.
-Recognized as the 10th best player in the World by stats at the U19 World Championship.
-Recognized as the best volleyball player in my state.

Former team captain at:
-Middle School.
-High School.
-University (active).
-Mexican National Team.

Post MBA short-term Goal would be to start my own construction firm in Mexico and actively participate to diminish Mexico's corruption rate in this sector, also I think its very important to start construc
Long-term goal would be to become involved in the government.ting safe infraestructure in Mexico as these irregularities have been recently exposed by the recent earthquake. I would like my firm to be the first in my country to do construction clean and safe.

Any advise on what I should be doing to improve my admission's chances would be kindly welcomed!


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by mbaMissionKrista » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:14 am
Hey @Enrique10
What an interesting profile! Apologies that no one has responded to you sooner! On the surface, you have a lot going for you! Great stats and great extracurriculars too. The one thing that I would probably want to explore with you a bit more is your goals. Why construction? Have you ever started something from scratch before? Depending on the answers to this -- it might make more sense to say, for example, that your goal is real estate finance or real estate development in the short-term and that longer-term, you'll go for entrepreneurship.
Regardless, if you are still in the midst of applying, you might get a lot of out of a free consultation with mbaMission. Please do get in touch with us about setting something up!