Hass Part Time - 4 ROUND - Is it too late

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Hass Part Time - 4 ROUND - Is it too late

by agautam » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:06 pm
I am planning to apply for the Haas round 4 ... I am really confused that should I wait for the round 1 for the next year or should I apply in round 4 and try saving one year ..

I would be very thankful if some one can tell me if they have been able to get into Haas Part time in the round 4... I would really appreciate any help from the experts...

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by essaysnark » Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:29 am
Hi agautum - yes it's confusing! There's seemingly contradictory advice flying around out there.

With the part-time programs, they often still have room even at this point in the admissions cycle. However, your profile needs to be stronger now than it might otherwise have to be, merely because the majority of the seats are filled. They still have room to admit people but it's **always** easier to get into any top school like Berkeley (any program) in their first rounds.

If you feel that your application is as strong as you can make it, then sure, go ahead with a Round 4 app to the EWMBA program.

If you know that you're rushing it, then it would probably be better to hold off.

We have a Sanity Check service where we can examine all the elements of your application from the perspective of the adcom and let you know if we think it will be successful - you could check that out if you're on the fence. https://essaysnark.com/salespage/sanity- ... valuation/

Bottom line: It's definitely possible to get into to this program at this time of year. A strong candidate should do just fine. (But: It's easier in the fall.)

Hope that helps!
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