Haas Part-Time MBA possible?

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Haas Part-Time MBA possible?

by swetavaswani1111 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:49 pm
Age - 34
Gender - Female from India
Full-Time Undergraduate in Computer Engineering from a top 10 engineering program.
GPA - 2.87

Part-Time Masters in Computer Science while working full-time - University of Colorado
GPA - 3.7

GMAT score - 640 640 (Q 41, V 38)

Full-Time Work Experience - 12 years

Moved into a Product Management role at a large tech firm after spending several years as an Engineering team lead at other large technology firms.

Current Title - Senior Product Manager
Base pay - $165,000
Base + Bonus - $195,000

I am looking to apply for Round 2/ Round 3 for the Part-Time MBA program at Haas Berkeley.

Waste of time or can I actually get in?


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by mbaMissionKrista » Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:36 pm
Hi swetavaswani1111

Thanks for getting in touch. So the great thing about part-time MBA programs is that they may be willing to chat with you before you apply and give you feedback on your candidacy. Get your resume in tip-top shape and then ask Haas if they'd be willing to chat for 10 minutes about your profile. While your Masters program GPA is great, I worry about your lower undergrad GPA and your lower GMAT score too. That being said, it looks like you have some pretty great leadership experience at work, which will help you stand out. There's nothing that makes me say "no." But I do think you should try to chat with Haas and see what they think!

Hope that helps!