Guess I did beat the GMAT - 730 (Q49,V40) :)

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6/8/2011 - GMATPrep 1 - 590(Q44,V27)
After seeing that score I thought of not writing the GMAT. But after a month I was so frustrated by my work that I decided to have a go at it. This time I decided against giving a practice test and went straight for th OG and started preparing. Started it off slowly. Used to solve around 20 quant problems each day.
After Solving the entire OG11 I decided to try my luck at the GMATPrep again. Scored a 690 was ecstatic. It was only then that I seriouslt thought of giving the GMAT. untill then I was not even sure if I was cut out for it.

Iam the kind of guy who usually prefers a deadline, Keeps me on my toes and makes me go that extra mile. So I decided to book a date and zeroed in on 4th November.

After that there was no turning back. Followed a strict timeline and schedule. Gave practice tests regularly.

Although there were times when it seemed like I wasn't improving at all. My verbal was stuck at 37 and quant at 49. I was pretty happy with my quant score, but verbal (SC) as my achilles heel.

In verbal I never had problems with CR or RC. Always had a 90 to 95% hit rate.
But during my practice I always used to have a 90% hit rate in SC too, but it was only during the exam that I screwed up. Thats when I discoverd that I perform well right after going through a SC guide. you see whenever I gave a practice exam it was always after a few days of quant practice.
Thankfully it hit me 2 days before the actual exam. Thats when I decided to revise the MGMAT SC guide a day before the exam. I guess that did the trick.

As far as the exam was considered, I though it turned out easier than expected, especially the quant which had me worried all throughout the exam if I had screwed up already and didn't know. I guess all the speculating turned against me cause I ran out of time on Quant before answering the last question. Wasted too much time worrying about the difficulty level of questions.
Was worried sick about missing the last question on quant, Knew that the penalty for not finishing a section is greater than completing it with an incorrect answer. I even though of cancelling the score for a second because of it but decided against it. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as expected.

I want to thank all the members of the BTG. I never took part in any discussions but was a regular follower. I would attribute my Quant 49 ti this community. All the explanations are concise and clear and helped a lot in improving and maintaining my Quant at 49.

I had a schedule prepared tried to stick to it. Hope this helps someone.

12/9/2011 - GMATPrep 1 - 690(Q49,V34)
15 - Combinations+Probablity+Statistics
16 - Verbal Review (Manhattan SC Specific Q's)
17 - Verbal Review(Last 50 SC Problems OG Verbal Review)
18 - Quant Review (Last 50 PS and DS Problems OG-12)
19 - Verbal Review(Last 50 CR Problems OG Verbal Review)
20 - Quant Review (Last 50 DS Problems OG-12)
21 - Kaplan diagnostic Test (610)
22 - PS + DS (Word Problems Review + 100 Tough Probs GMATClub)
23 - Manhattan diagnostic Test 690 (Q48,V37)
24 - CR (Powerscore Bible Q's) + Aristotle SC Grail + OG 12 (Last 50)
25 - Quant - Kaplan 800
26 - GMATPrep 1 - 700(Q49,V37)
27 - 1000 DS (15-22) + Quant Review
28 - SC 1000 (20-25) + Prbablity and Combinations + Number Properties
29 - Kaplan 800 - Word Problems
30 - GMATPrep 2 (720) (Q50,V37)
31 - GMATClub Math25 (32/37) + Quant Test 1 to 10 (Were free on account of halloween)
01 - AWA (Zero-in on format and Practice) + 300 Math Problems
02 - Verbal Review (CR - Powerscore Bible + SC - Manhattan SC) + AWA 2 topics practice
03 - Review all incorrect CAT Questions + MGMAT SC Guide

04/11/2011 - Actual Exam 730 (Q49,V40)

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by prodizy » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:08 pm
Excellent score. Congrats!

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by navpaktos » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:54 pm

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by immaculatesahai » Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:44 pm
Great score dude...very encouraging.

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by luiscarlos59 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:31 pm
how much time did u spend per day?

It looks like a lot..

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by [email protected] » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:21 am
Great score dude!!! Congratulationss...


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